Setting Goals and Sticking to them

Hafa adai Islanders!

I have not been following my blogging schedule that I had set for myself since last month. I apologize for that, but I’m back!

Some of my goals these past couple of months have been to increase and improve Islander View’s social media presence and activity. I hope you’ve seen my announcements that we are now found on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM. I am looking at other social media sites but these seem to be the main items that I’m finding YOU on. I want to be where YOU are.

My goal for this blog is to post once a week and as needed. If you want to help me stick to that; be my alarm clock and shout at me on Facebook! LOL

Main goals include:
1. design logo to use on all marketing and promotional products!
2. work with Jen at Loco Promos for balatun bags and design Islander View bags!
3. design retail product that all islanders would appreciate and relate to…and will WANT!
4. design other retail products based on brain storming ideas from 2009 to present!

If there are other social media sites you would like to see Islander View on, give me a shout!

Thank you for being with us the past 5 years! I appreciate you and your loyalty and your posts / feedback.

Si Yu’os Ma’ase / Saina Ma’ase…


Si Vera

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