Hafa adai & Welcome to Islander View

My name is Vera Dela Cruz.  I started Islander View or IV in March 2009 as a digital magazine while living in Sacrament, California. We published a few issues that first year and learned so much about the publishing field. Articles covered local people and groups from Guam and Mmicronesia…

There have been many changes in my life, but I have always wanted to be a business owner and manager…always.  I blame my dad for that (LOL) He was a great business manager, worked for PBS Guam, formerly KGTF and owned a maintenance service business. As kids, my brothers and sisters and I have many memories of volunteering for KGTF. He passed away last September, but will live in our hearts and lives forever. Our fondest and funniest memories include his discipline. Like true islander kids, you KNEW who to listen to and never tell a lie and don’t ever “borrow” your friend’s toy and bring it home.

Ahhh…so many great memories. You would have a ball (or a heart-attack) sitting in on one of our memories of Dad. Mom was a great and savvy lady. She had style and grace that I could never emulate…and the BEST COOK in the world. Growing up, she did not work like many moms then. She cooked us (home-made) breakfast, lunch, dinner…every day! When she eventually started work (Chamorro teacher for GDOE), she still made sure we ate! LOL…always great and delicious food.

Islander View supports many of the local non-profit organizations like VARO, Island Girl Power, Big Brothers Big Sisters, American Red Cross and many more. We also support small business.

Side note: I experienced a big change in my life in April 2012. Having experienced multiple strokes at the same time, I was hospitalized for about 9 weeks, worked on recovery for 9 months, and have been blessed to be able gain much of my physical abilities and return to work. I’ve come a long way and could not have done it without God’s blessings and my hubby and my family. He took care of and continues to do so, while I work through my current disabilities…walking and hearing.

This blog is new for Islander View, http://www.islanderview.com, and my goal is to share much with you as I hope you will share with me and our audience here. I believe it would be wonderful to share everything about our cultures. Last I heard, our island is home to over 35 different cultures and people, who now call Guam home.

Take your time, post a comment any time, and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Welcome! Maila Halom…make yourselves at home.

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